Canada’s leading solution for securely receiving your insurance documents electronically.
Leave bulky paper behind and access your documents anytime, anywhere – even on your mobile wallet.

What is
My Proof of Insurance?

My Proof of Insurance allows you to receive your insurance documents for home, auto and business from your insurance provider over email and save them to your computer and mobile device.

You can easily store your auto insurance card (eSlip) in your smartphone’s mobile wallet.

3 out of 4 Canadian drivers currently use a mobile wallet.

The mobile wallet is the most preferred choice among Canadians to store their electronic proof of auto insurance (eSlip).

Benefits of
My Proof of Insurance?

Private & Secure

Bank-grade security to protect personal information.

On the go

Access your insurance documents anytime, anywhere — even offline.


Reduce environmental impact by accessing documents online.


No user names, no passwords, no hassle.


No cost to use.

Get your eSlip in 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Contact your insurance provider

Ask your provider to have your policy documents sent by email with My Proof of Insurance.

Mobile Wallet.

Mobile digital wallets are available on all smartphones and serve as an electronic version of a physical wallet.

With My Proof of Insurance, you can store auto insurance cards in your digital wallet alongside credit and debit cards, loyalty cards, event tickets, and boarding passes. Common digital wallets:

Apple Wallet

Standard on iPhones running iOS 6 or higher. (Pre-Installed)


Available for free in Google Play store for devices running Android 3.0 or higher.


Available for free in Google Play store for devices running Android 4.0.3 or higher.

Privacy & Security.

Your smartphone allows you to lock your screen when displaying your auto insurance card, restricting access to other apps, personal information, and blocking notifications of calls and text messages. Here’s how to set it up:

Get My Proof of Insurance.

My Proof of Insurance is available to consumers across Canada. Contact your insurance provider to inquire today!


It’s great having the auto insurance cards for my car and motorcycle in my digital wallet – no checking to make sure I have the right one anymore!

Jennifer, 41, Nova Scotia

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is My Proof of Insurance?

What kinds of insurance documents can I receive through My Proof of Insurance?

Is My Proof of Insurance available for all types of vehicles (e.g. motorcycles, trucks)?

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How do I access my electronic auto insurance card?

Can I share my electronic auto insurance card to others, such as if a friend or family member uses my vehicle with consent?

Is My Proof of Insurance secure?

Will anyone who is viewing the electronic auto insurance card be able to access other information or content on my smartphone?

How much does My Proof of Insurance cost?

Why is it free?

Do I need the Internet to view my electronic auto insurance card?

I’m sold. How do I get it?

Contact Us.

Questions about your eSlip or insurance?

My Proof of Insurance is available to consumers through their insurance provider.

Please contact your provider for more information about My Proof of Insurance or any questions regarding your insurance policy.

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My Proof of Insurance is a service provided to your insurance provider. We enable your insurance provider to send you insurance documents electronically. My Proof of Insurance is not an insurance provider – as such, we cannot process coverage or other changes to your insurance, or answer questions about your insurance. Please contact your insurance provider for changes to your insurance or questions about your insurance.
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